NOTICE: Due to the change in bylaws voted in by the membership at the last Annual Meeting, there will be no more nominations for the Board of Directors from the floor. All nominations, other than those selected by the Committee, shall turn in a nomination petition complete with 15 signatures of current members to the Cooperative at 120 Vivian St. Marshfield, MO. 65706 by July 20, 2020. (petition forms are available upon request at the Cooperative) The Nominee must meet all bylaw qualifications. Upon meeting the bylaw obligations, the nominee will be secured a place on the ballot for the upcoming election. A picture and small write up of each nominee will appear in the Cooperative Times, a publication for the members of Webster Electric Cooperative found in the center of the Rural Missouri magazine when the meeting notice is sent to the membership.


Section 4.3

Qualifications: No person shall become eligible to become or remain a director or to hold any position of trust in the Cooperative who:

(a) is not a member and bona fide resident in the area served or to be served by the Cooperative for a minimum of one year; or

(b) is, or is a close relative of anyone who is, in any way employed by or has been employed in the past three (3) years by or is financially interested in a competing enterprise or business, Sho -Me Power Electric Cooperative, or Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.; or

(c) is, or is a close relative of anyone who is, in any way employed by or has been employed in the past (3) years by a business selling electrical supplies of the kind commonly used by the Cooperative in a quantity in excess of $10,000.00 per year; or

(d) is the incumbent of or candidate for an elective public office connection with which a salary or compensation in- excess- of one hundred dollars per annum is paid; or

(e) has been employed by the Cooperative within three (3) years prior to election or appointment to the Board; or

(f) has been convicted of a felony; or

(g) is a close relative of any incumbent director; or

(h) is a close relative of any employee. (A close relative is defined as a person who, by blood or marriage, is either a spouse, child, stepchild, grandchild, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, nephew or niece.

The Nominating Committee met Wednesday, the 17th of June and nominated the three incumbents to run for re-election in September. Those nominees are:

B.J. Johnston- 602 Low Gap Rd. Fordland, MO. 65652
Wayne Plunkett- 806 E. McVay St. Marshfield, MO. 65706
Gary Ballard- 682 St. Hwy KK, Fordland, MO. 65652